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ords We are all mortal, although we use more than ordinary efforts to inquire, we mere mortals can only be deduced.based on the framework provided by the theory, you can not deviate from them, as otherwise no air into the void of the same, but in this framework, we can deduce what does not come out. On the General Armament Department of the leadership of the meeting, I relayed these words to them. For research of ball lightning must be transferred to the forefront of modern physics. Lin Yun said. Yes, we see Superman. Colonel Xu said. Ding Yi General Armament Department organized a ball lightning expansion project team meeting, representatives of the major non military research institutions participating, mostly physics PMI Certification industry, which has led the National Institute of Physics, as PMP well as several well PMP it exam known institutions of higher education Director of the Department of Physics. Presiding the meeting to collect from them to a form to beat us, which they presented information on candidates, including a brief

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