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omputer company does not do is pile small business Yes, a very small deal. Value of the company was Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam 100 million, Akai company spent 150 million to buy it. In addition, they are likely to spend another 20 million to stimulate the current cooperation with them officials, perhaps 10 million to pay for legal, consulting fees on behalf of 10 million with a spread in various departments in.Washington, as well as 10 million used to buy all sorts of gifts sent this number of people like you. so, it cost a total of two hundred million dollars it count. Spend Cisco Business Value Specialist two hundred million dollars to buy a billion dollars worth of the company Why pay beyond their actual value of the Cisco Certification company I asked. They pay no more, said Ron, For them, they are doing a big deal. why This is because, Ron said, If you have something that can be used to manufacture the machines, say machine computer chip it, you will have to rely on these machines to industrial operation after a few procedures. Microcomputer uS company to enable them to control the computer industry. as usual, we turn a blind eye to this, as we lose the TV industry and the machine tool industry, like. The televi

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810-403 Selling Business Outcomes Cisco Cisco Business Value Specialist